Store your old photos digitally with Darpan Fotos Digital Printing Service


Photos are good memories. We all click them to preserve the precious moment for a lifetime but eventually with the stress and pace of life we do not get much time to go back and flip through the pages of the old albums. Darpan Fotos, the best photo studio in Gorakhpur, have inherited piles of printed photos from our parents also. 

Slowly and gradually the phots start deteriorating due to dust, mites, and other environmental factors. It happens with everybody if you too. If you have boxes full of old photos that gather dust in closets, bring that to us. 

When you convert print images to digital files, you can access them whenever you want. In minutes, you’ll be able to search, share, and print any digitalized photo. Darpan Fotos Digital Printing Service can readily digitize them, the best photo studio in Gorakhpur can do a lot of work for you.

You’ll need to make sure your photos are ready – some clients prefer to be quite specific about their order and organization, while others prefer to offer a box of loose shots in various sizes; either method is OK.

Steps to Start Your Work

1) Place your printed images in drop-off orders and send them to the best photo studio in Gorakhpur, Darpan Fotos.

2) Choose your output medium and scanning schedule.

3) Drop off your photos at Darpan’s Scanning Station.

Facilities available at Darpan Fotos Digital Printing Service
• Full page album scanning
• In-album Photo Scanning
• Backup of Your Photos
• Cloud delivery & sharing
• Customized Digital File Structure
• Manual Colour & Contrast Corrected
• Dust Removal
• Receive High-Resolution JPG files
• Organized into Folders
• Rotated to Proper Orientation

 Advantages of Digital Printing

  • Digital printing is both quick and precise. While digitally printing any information, there is no need to waste time or pay attention to irrelevant details. Because no infrastructure is required, material is printed faster, whereas it would have taken days to produce otherwise.
  • Traditional printing methods use photo chemicals and film plates, but digital printing does not. As a result, digital printing is a cleaner and simpler process.
  • This is the best method for printing images. Digital printing produces high-resolution, high-quality images that can be printed on a variety of materials and applied directly to glass, wood, Sintra board, or PVC.

 The concept of a Photo Album is still relevant in today’s society, even though the primary mode of viewing these photographs has entirely changed. Many of our images are now digitized and viewed on social media platforms, or shared with friends and family via messages or e-mails.

  • This capacity to digitize content has addressed some of the flaws associated with physical media, such as
  • A viable method of long-term accurate preservation
  • Replication without a generational loss (allowing for easy sharing and backup), and manipulation without damaging the source.

The concept of being able to carry all of your family photo albums in your front pocket and access them whenever and wherever you choose is now a reality.

It’s time to share and appreciate your family’s images now that you have a neatly arranged digital library. Numerous online platforms allow you to add descriptions, organize, tag, edit, and share your images anonymously.

Some companies also provide printing services, allowing you to turn your digital photos into photo books, framed prints, and wall art with ease. Why not make some cool goods out of those old photos that someone else can digitize in the future?

Having your images scanned is the greatest approach to ensure that they are secured and kept safe throughout time. Darpan Fotos Digital Printing Service backs up your photos to a computer or another device so that if something happens to their print versions, you’ll always have digital copies. You always save your memories in your hearts but to pass on it to the next generation, Darpan Fotos helps.