Top 5 tips to take care of photo albums


A photo album is sure to wow, whether it’s for your wedding day, remarkable trip excursions, or an amazing photo portfolio. It’s a lovely collection of recollections from some of your life’s most memorable moments. These are some of the most valuable and tangible goods that will last a lifetime. It’s critical to look after it so that your memories don’t vanish.

Take these five precautions when handling and keeping your photo album to ensure that these priceless treasures will last for years to come. We are ready to help you at Darpan Fotos – Thebest photo lab in Gorakhpur.

1. Avoid High Temperature and Humidity
Avoid exposing your book to significant temperature or humidity changes. The leather cover and binding, as well as the pages and, most crucially, the photographs, will be harmed. The paper on which the images are printed can dry out and become discoloured and brittle in warmer weather.

Mould can grow on your album and between the pages if the humidity is too high. Temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause the pages to expand and compress, distorting the images. Always keep Photo albums in an ideal storage setting. We are taking the best care of your treasures as we are the best photo lab in Gorakhpur.

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight
Keep your record out of direct sunlight. Heat and UV radiation are both produced by sunlight. Heat will destroy the pages, and light will cause your graphics to fade, as previously stated. In addition to causing harm to the book’s pages, direct sunlight will also cause harm to the cover and binding, regardless of the material used.

Keep your book somewhere cool and dry. Heat and light will harm the pages and cause your prints to fade, so store your book away from direct sunlight.

3. Use cover
Always cover your book with our unique dust jacket to preserve it from dust, filth, and wear and tear, and to ensure its lifespan. We have lot of options available to protect your albums as we are the best photo lab in Gorakhpur.

4. Use Presentation Box
Keep your book in a display box to preserve your images from UV radiation, dust, and debris, and to keep them looking as good as new.

5. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance
Your wedding album may collect dirt and dust over time. You’ll want to clean and maintain your album properly to keep the photographs appearing as fresh as they did on day one. Dust with a soft, dry cloth as needed, and gently remove grime with a moist cloth when necessary. To avoid damaging the engraving or imprinting, do not rub near the imprinting.

UV light causes your print to fade or yellow more quickly. Heat and humidity, in addition to UV radiation, can affect how long a print lasts. Humidity can cause the photograph to shred when you try to remove it. The frame should be made of UV-blocking glass or acrylic. Acids and contaminants in the environment will cause your prints to yellow and lose their original color over time. Store it in acid-free containers to slow down the process. Make use of a gentle cloth. Soaps and water should be avoided because they can harm your book.

For years to come, you’ll want to go over your gorgeous wedding album and share the memories with your friends, family, and loved ones. Darpan Fotos – The best lab in Gorakhpur is happily serving from many years. When turning the pages, avoid using your fingernails to avoid damaging the edges. Instead, turn the pages with your fingertips. These precautions will aid in the preservation of your memories in this magnificent treasure that will be passed down through the generations.