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When we talk about getting some good clicks, we often talk about portfolios, photographer’s skill-sets, and availability of the latest photography equipment. You can have all the skills in the world, dozens of digital cameras and lens filters, but if you can’t deliver the technical and aesthetic requirements of your client promptly, you simply cannot run a sustainable full-time or part-time photography business.

Camera and editing technology have changed rapidly over the past decade. In the past, only a select few trained specialists would take interest in photography, as the equipment and management required substantial knowledge. Best photographer in Gorakhpur, Darpan Fotos can provide you knowledgeable and experienced photographers.

Now, photography has become far more user-friendly and affordable. And trends in a photography show that this field is no longer limited now!

There are more photos today than ever before! Research into technology and storage has shown that there has been more data usage in the past few years than in the entire history of mankind. The frequency at which everyday individuals take photographs is considered the primary cause. Some of the most common trends in photography include:


Cameras, smartphones, and tablets have begun to rival professional cameras in terms of quality and software. Any individual with a smartphone or a tablet can easily capture an image, edit it, and post it online on various social media websites. Darpan Photos provide the best printing and editing facility for your phonography.

Macro Photography

Fascination with science and improved camera technology now allows people to take extreme close-up shots of insects, plans, and other never-before-seen images.

HDR Photography

High Dynamic Range photography allows cameras and images to display greater luminosity that is closer to what the human eye can see. This has become quite popular among photographers.

Retro-Style Photography

From black and white to sepia, the clarity of modern photography has pushed people back towards classic photos, and the depth behind them.

360 Panorama

Now that software can correct for the unsteady hand, panoramas that capture a 360-degree view of a location are becoming popular Day by day. At Darpan Photos, we use the latest software to deliver the best results.

Point and Shoot Size DSLRs

Professional cameras are becoming smaller and nimbler, which is attracting not only photographers but also traditional consumers. We have all the best of them.


Drones are also a popular new photography style, used not only for casual shots but also at weddings to capture the beauty of the venue. It is especially popular in the real estate industry. Real estate brokers, agents, or property owners use drones to capture aerial images to give a bird’s eye view of a property to their customers. Our specialized and technically superb service adds value to your Dron photography or videography.


Darpan Fotos offer all the technical support to the above trends by providing the following services- Lamination & Framing, Sublimation Printing, Digital Printing, Instant Photos, Matrimonial Photography, Paper Surface, Coffee Table book, Designer Albums, Candid Photography, Still Photography and Cinematography.

Similarly, how individuals share their work has changed. Social media, most notably Facebook and Instagram, make sharing photos and video as easy as a click of the button, which means that both professional and casual photographers can disseminate their work in seconds, rather than in months.

When you get your first few photos or shoots, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you can do this. If you wish to avail of Great customer service and a fancy photography idea Best photographer in Gorakhpur is the one you should be calling.